Edius pro 7 crack [Win 7(64b-32b) Win 8(64b)] Updated 2018

Edius pro 7 crack
Edius pro 7 crack
Edius pro 7 crack


Developer: Grass Valley


4K workflow and improved support for the latest file formats; Support for Intel 4th generation.

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We just finished our crack for Edius pro 7, a great work of Mick =) .

This crack is ONLY for Windows and works with the trial version. If you find any problems, please leave us a comment with your Windows version.

Edius 7 is the latest version of Grass Valley‘s solution for nonlinear video editing.

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Edius Pro 7 Crack & Keygen
Version of Keygen: v4.0.2
Release Date:  3/24/2014
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Windows 7 (32bits & 64bits) & Windows 8 (64bits)
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Edius 7 will offer multi-layer realtime editing 4K

Among other improvements, the new Edius 7 will offer a 4K workflow and improved support for the latest file formats (including XAVC / XAVC S and AVC-Ultra), high performance MPEG and H.264/AVC, fast handling of large amounts of still image files, and a filter to apply a Gaussian blur of high quality and avoid the Moiré effect.

The new version of editing software of Grass Valley editing includes support for 4K memory intensive hardware and open for input/output third-party software.

Now this version is 64-bit native, leveraging up to 512 GB (depending on the version of Windows) installed memory, which is especially key operations super-intensive environments such as broadcast and media editing and 4K 3D multilayer.

In addition to supporting a wide range of hardware Grass Valley Edius 7 will be open to solutions for input/output third as Blackmagic Design and Matrox, and even, for some systems AJA Video Systems (in the last quarter of this year).

This gives users more flexibility to integrate into a wide variety of environments with editing interface that can be used for editing news in the field or in the writing itself, as well as the finished pieces and other works of high quality. Edius 7 also will support import/export of EDL from DaVinci Resolve, and will include a new workflow for color correction.

New timeline

New timeline

In this regard, Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design, recognizes that it is “very exciting to see products Blackmagic working with Grass Valley Edius. Customers working with Ultra HD workflows using our systems to capture and playback 4K DeckLink Extreme PCIe and UltraStudio 4K, based Thunderbolt will now have even more options to work with other high level to configure workflows capable of incredible formats move the highest quality.”


Edius 7 supports any combination of resolutions SD, HD, 2K and 4K in the same timeline, in real time, increasing performance increases as CPU power.

The new update is also optimized for multicore systems and iCore systems fourth generation of Intel.

Edius 7 will be available in the Pro and Elite versions. Edius Pro 7 is aimed at users freelancers. Edius Elite 7, for its part, is aimed at editors working in collaboration in production environments connected to the network, and features a seamless integration with media servers Grass Valley K2 and nonlinear production environment GV Stratus, accommodating to edit multiple stations direct editing material in the same time K2 which performs intake.

New Edius 7

New Edius 7

The highlight:

  1. EDIUS 7 is 64 bit native (can access up to 512GB of RAM)
  2. Full support for Black Magic cards (both capture and preview output), Matrox and AJA cards.
    Supported Cards:

    • Blackmagic Design:
    • Mini-Monitor DeckLink, Mini Recorder, Studio, 4K Extreme.
    • Intensity Pro Shuttle for USB, Shuttle for Thunderbolt, Extreme.
    • UltraStudio-SDI Pro.
    • Matrox:
    • MXO2 LE-(Note: Input Playout support only support planned for Q4 2013).
    • AJA Video Systems (planned, Q4 2013).
  3. Edition realtime 4K resolutions ‘4096×2160 Film’ (NLE Software is the first running, real-time editing 4K native, with a simple Corei7) multilayer, this thanks to the benefit of access to bandwidth 64 bit RAM.
  4. Support for new Intel processors 4th Generation.
  5. Superior 4K workflow, including support for Blackmagic Design DeckLink 4K extreme and exchange of color correction Import / export EDL with DaVinci Resolve.
  6. Fast handling of large quantities of image files (JPG, TGA, DPX and others).
  7. Improved MPEG encoder speed and quality.
  8. New Gaussian blur filter.
EDIUS Pro 7 workspace

EDIUS Pro 7 Workspace

Finally, a little review

To start I found several threads that continue to be 32-bit, the engine still use CUDA or OpenCL CORE NI (ATI Stream), those are what give reading codecs 32bit formats … nothing wrong with that, it does Premiere CS6, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Vegas 64bit and even After Effects CS6… but as AE CS6 load 32bit codecs and HQ, EDIUS 6 HQX has to be a 64bit application, … the same goes for EDIUS 7 (64bit) that enables some 32bit threads to access such codecs.

The threads read 32bit codecs, no influence on what matters most, which are the threads that make engine 64bit native threads and reading the 64bit plugins that EDIUS has 7… so it is a native 64bit application which can access up to 512GB of RAM in Windows… that’s the most important, your sure to edit a 4K requires that the application can access more RAM so that you can edit in time Real (including the importance of high-end processor, of course )… this did not happen with EDIUS Pro 6.5 (32bit) only access up to 4GB of RAM, so the real-time 4K EDIUS 7 offers (64bit) is incredibly than any other NLE Software 64bit (they have to lower their quality prior to play) instead with EDIUS 7, provided the pre-edited with high quality (ful raster) does so valuable.

Improved workspace

Improved workspace

If EDIUS Pro 6.5 (32bit) gave a return to Premiere CS6 (64bit) on performance, EDIUS 7 (64bit) is giving a lot of thought to both… why not you find better peformance (full raster) 4K that EDIUS 7 to check, just put him in your best machine you have, with your best multicore processor, better graphics card you have, with 8GB of RAM at least, and insert any native clip 4K (as the RED ONE or Scarlet eg) and compare performance of 64bit: EDIUS 7 vs Premiere CS6 prior to full quality (full raster) obviously.

Regarding threads 64bit plugins to EDIUS 7 none of the plugins work in 32bit EDIUS 7 (64bit), or even work if the VST 32bit nor 32bit AE Bridge (in EDIUS 7 in this chance it does not, because they are building a new 64bit AE Bridge, which will be available in the next update) necessarily all VST plugins and have to be 64bit to work in EDIUS 7… you realize that it is operational perfomance native 64-bit in EDIUS 7.

About support for CUDA, for what? … If EDIUS 7 supports the new processors 4th Generation Intel, working with Sandy Bridge technology that accelerates much more quickly and of higher quality than the CUDA… EDIUS OpenGL does not need to degrade the quality of consent (as it is not his philosophy) is enough GPU (Nvidia or ATI) support that if it’s important for the performance of third party plugins that work with it, which EDIUS 7 supports.

Finally, on the preset 4K there is one set on top of the preset, enter to custom mode project.


EDIUS 7 new features

Effects, Compositing & Graphics

Working With Nested Sequences


Download our Crack for Edius pro 7


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We believe that sharing softwares is something great and needed, but please never forget to support his creators. If you can afford the product PLEASE BUY IT =)



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    I start execrck but:

    files its requesting are not edius files (EdiusCore64.dll, MCUtils64.dll,asi32_1464.dll)

    And were is files?




    i have error 101, is ok?


    i have try to install the crack but it dont work. i have win7 64bit edius 7 trial build 000940 . when launching the crack ” system error 101. The cracking can’t be completed, EdiusCore64.dll not found, edius.ini not found, MCUtils64.dll is not compatible with your installed version, asi32_1464.dll not found. there was a problem with the installed version ” i have try the crack also with edius 7.21_1530 same error

    On Win 8 same thing all version of Edius 7 and 7.xx


    great work. thanks so much!


    Hi guys, i cant export to mpeg, when i try to export to that format (the others are fine) the program freezees for 2 minutes and then tell me: your licence key is invalid, please contact customer support.


    but I can not use it
    I installed the version of edius
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    works fine, thanks for your work


    I got 101 error “The cracking was successfully completed. but it wasn’t able to get a valid license. Please disable the automatic updates of the program.”
    What does that mean?


    Hi man, first thanks… one thing, after the crack i cant install any other plugin,,, why?

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    It worked for me, thanks


    i was hoping this crack will work… how ever when i click on the first step: crack it show me an error:

    (System Error 101. the cracking can’t be completed, ediusCore64.dll not found, edius.ini not found, MCUtils64.dll in not compatible with your installed version, asi32_1464.dll not found. there was a problem with the installed version)

    the above message error is what i got,, if this can be fix.. i love x-force..
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    Works well thanks man


    I got 101 error “The cracking was successfully completed. but it wasn’t able to get a valid license. Please disable the automatic updates of the program.”
    What does that mean?


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    Hi. I just downloaded the crack, I want to try iy out but I have read on other forum and they say Edius 7 and Cubase 7.5 can’t be cracked, is it true?


    can i get swarplug full version for mac???????


    where is the download link plz can share me link thanks

    Ah Na

    Hi I tested it on EDIUS 7.0 and 7.21 on both in first step it says : “System error 101. the cracking can’t be completed ,EdiusCore64.dll not found , Edius.ini not found,MCUtils64.dll is not compatible with your installed version,asi32_1464.dll not found. there are a problem with the installed version.”

    I have searched for these files on the C:\ drive but nothing found 🙁


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    Thank you so much


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    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


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